Women's Seventies Hairstyles 70's

Hairstyles 70's,Women's HairstyleHer brows brushed with a wide fringe, with the hair on the nape of her neck left feathery and unstructured – creating a classic 70’s look – she steps out into the street. Yes, indeed, women’s seventies hairstyles have come back with a bang – at its androgynous best. Breaking loose from the coiffured hairdos of the fifties and sixties.
She was the one who made the feathered look a style statement, which has caught on again today with the chic and the happening crowd. The feathered look is in fact quite an easy hairdo to achieve. All you need to do is simply blow dry the hair in an under and up motion to create more movement, body and volume, and then continue blow-drying the fair around the face, in an out and up motion to create that soft feathered effect.
The seventies was the hippies’ era, hence anything went as far as hairstyling was concerned. Basically, it also meant long and wildly flowing hair that the flower children famously flaunted. Hairstyles that looked as natural as possible was what was in, so no more poodle hair, pompadour, and bouffant.
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