Short Hairstyles for Men

Short Hairstyles for MenThis kind of hairstyle looks messy, but is deliberate in its casual appearance. The products in this models hair gives it sheen and enhances the natural wave.


Beauty Half-up Hair

Beauty Half-up Hair”The overall look was a bit sporty, so I did a half-up, half-down look, added a little bit of height on top and created really beautiful sexy waves.”


Wedding coiffure woman

Wedding coiffure womanWedding coiffure occupies a special place in the life of every woman. In such day it is important not only to look beautiful, but to make it unforgettable. And your coiffure is also important.
Wedding coiffure can be very complicated or simple, but it has to harmonize with dress, make up, and of course the bride should like it.


Punk Fashion Girls

Punk Fashion GirlsPunk Fashion GirlsThe hairstyles often involve styles of clothing, hairstyles, cosmetics, body alteration and often jewelry. Many fashions represent Vivienne Westwood hairstyles or the punk hairstyles. Punk fashion is influenced by various art movements and culture such as the skinheads. Rude Boys and glamorous rock has brought punk hairstyles to new levels as well as greasers, moods, and art school students.


The Perfect Wedding Hairstyle for a Bride

Wedding Hairstyle for a BridePlanning a wedding is both stressful and wonderful. There are a lot of small details that you have to attend to – but one thing which remains a priority is the wedding dress – and the wedding hairstyle for the bride.then the hairstyle that you will wear on your big day should be: comfortable, it should last through the hugs and kisses that you will receive and not wilt away on the wedding reception, and last but not the least, the wedding hairstyle for the bride should be gorgeous.


Haircut Classic Red

Haircut Classic  RedClassic bob haircut on a redhead. One length, side part with long bangs pushed to the side. A dramatic red hair color on lighter skin with blue eyes.


Rocker Punk Hair Style

Rocker Punk Hair StyleCaring for a punk hairstyle can be easy to maintain depending on the length and style you choose.

Wedding Hairstyle Down

Wedding Hairstyle DownThe style of this hair could be used especially with straight hair down and used the addition asesories. additional accessories like the flower clip or it was showed in the picture.



Chinese children's hairstyles

Chinese children's hairstyles,kidsThis is the typical hairstyle for kids from 1-4 years old.

Chinese children's hairstyles,kidsWhen one is older, they will have buns-like hairstyle as follow just like legendary Nezha

Anyone know why chinese people shaved their kids bald except leaving a patch of hair on top of the forehead, it's to protect the section of that head. During her generation, all baby boys had that hair style.


China hair in a topnkot

China hair in a topnkotThey almost look nomadic in style. Did Han Chinese children really wear their hair like that and why?. Do ancient Chinese boys not just tie their hair in a topnkot. That the Han Chinese did not cut their hair as it was a gift from their parents and they would just tie it up in a topknot.


The hair model updo

wedding hairstylesUpdos are usually the more popular wedding hairstyles and there are so many ways to style the bangs and tie the updos. The next image is a great possible weddign hairstyle with slight bangs hanging from the face and a high updo. Adding flowers and other accessories to the updo can create a very fashinable hairstyle.


The nice lady cuts

The nice lady cutsThea was kind of scared at first, but the woman cutting her hair made her feel much more comfortable, especially after I told her that the nice lady cuts Lila's hair, too.

Hair Styles for a Formal

Hair Styles for a FormalAlthough everyone likes to feel relaxed with the hairstyle they have chosen, there are also times in our life when we have to choose a formal hairstyle to wear. Formal hairstyles are needed in a whole range of life events such as an important job interview to wedding, prom and other big event.


Creating the perfect look for prom

Creating the perfect look for prom
Sedu hairstyles are the buzzword of the day. They are in vogue, look great and are quite easy to achieve. Read on as we guide you through the entire subject, ranging from useful tips to actual steps to create these wonderful hairstyles .


Flowing wedding hairstyles

flowing wedding hairstylesThe second wedding hairstyle here is for hair that is a several inches longer in length. The hairstyle is center parted with wavy locks that fall gently past the shoulders. Instead of a veil, a floral tiara is used to add a touch to the overall style where a veil could take away from the overall view. There are multiple ways to go with flowing wedding hairstyles or down dos.

Kids Hairstyles for Girls

Kids Hairstyles for GirlsThose parents who have young girls also have a great choice of kid’s hairstyles to choose from. A very short hair style is a great choice for young girls, it is easy to manage and there is not the problem of tangles. Also, a short shoulder length bob is a good alternative for parents who would like to keep some length in their children’s hair without letting it grow too long.


If A Man Using Women's Hairstyles

Man Using Women's Hairstyles Women's hair and men's hair typically are different. You should not wear any women's hairstyles unless you really find the suitable one.

Woman Getting a Haircut

Woman Getting a HaircutFor the maintenance woman of hair was the very important matter. Especially if his model already not trend then the women will cut off his hair in accordance with trend that was newest.


Girls' Formal Buns Hairstyles

Girls' Formal Buns HairstylesGirls' Formal Buns HairstylesCurls and waves allow girls with long tresses to enhance their look from plain straight to very defined. There are a number of methods to create long curly hairstyles by using various size curls to different sections. Girls with long hair will often use this hairstyle for special occasions or just to change from the normal look.


Punk Hairstyle for Women

Punk Hairstyle for Women
Punk Hairstyle for WomenMohawks hairstyle became common in youth punk subcultures in the early 1980s and were then adopted by various other age groups, becoming more diverse in style. Today, Once a trend hits culture, it leaves its mark, however small it maybe. The influence of the Mohawk hairstyle is seen in countless fashion trends throughout the world.


The Model Weddings hairstyle

The Model Weddings hairstyle Wedding hairstyles are quite an important part of a wedding. At a time when the most important promises in a man and woman’s life are made, and emotions are abundant, a woman wants everything to be perfect.
From the delicate flowers in her bouquet to the very last sparkling bead or embroidery stitch of her dress, it’s important to a woman that everything runs smoothly and is beautiful. Looking back on her wedding, she wants to know that she made the right choices in every area of this event.
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