I am starting to grow my hair out and it's at a difficult in-between stage. Do you have an style ideas?

There's alot of tricks to help you get through that "transition stage". Keep reminding yourself that you want this, and in 6 months to a year you'll have the hairstyle you want!

The best way to manage your style and mix up your look is with cute and funky accessories. Headbands are all the rage at the moment. Pretty pins will also help keep that floppy fringe out of your eyes. Play around to find different ways to pin your hair up and make it look longer.

Even boys can adopt this look. A wide cloth headband worn to hold the hair out of your face.

Scarves are also a very cool way to tie your hair back, and a great style accessory.

Another option is to buy a cool hat and start wearing it all the time to hide your growing out hair. Make it your signature look for this season! Berets and pageboy hats are the favourite with celebrities including Ashley Simpson, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton.

Growing out bangs can be a massive pain, but a secret is to have your stylist angle them. Then as they grow you can brush them to the side as they get longer.
Some hair growing facts and tips:

* Your hair only grows up to 6 inches a year!
* The weather can affect your hair growth- Hair grows quicker in hotter months, and slower during winter.
* Not everyone can grow a head of waist length hair! Fine, thin or severely damaged hair probably won't
grow past a medium length very easily.

* Poor diet and stress may sometimes be a cause of slow hair growth. The healthier you are, the better condition and appearance your hair will have.

If you're ready for the commitment of growing long hair, make sure you continue to have regular trims to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy. It might seem like the quickest way to grow your hair is not to cut it at all, but that is not the case. Regular trims, every 8-10 weeks, will keep your hair looking good while you go through many stages of growing it out.

Also ask your hair stylist to cut your hair to aid the hair growth. For instance, if you're trying to grow out layers, the stylist can cut the back up shorter while waiting for the sides to catch up. If you're trying to grow out bangs, you might end up with a mullet look (longer at the back, shorter at the front), so the stylist can keep the back shorter while the front catches up.
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