Long Dark Hair

Wear it In Deep Black or Brunette with Highlights
Long, black hair is looking good to me . I wanted to show you this multi-layered, not-quite-curled-end-flip that lets the hair hang way down. Be sure to use a curl-defining product that will help separate and sustain this look. I like the whimsical yet sophisticated nature of this hairstyle.


Faux Short Hair

Faux Short Hair
A faux short look can be hot. This jet-black look sans highlights works great as a very stark look. This flat coloring will help you develop heaps of contrast in your style, if you want something unique – do it all black. Then put it up in the back with a simple twist and without much shaping at all your hair becomes an art piece unto itself. Beware, this look is for the bold.


Hair Crimper- Conair Shiny Styles

Hair Crimper- Conair Shiny Styles

A special hair style for a special night or just something to do at a slumber party. The Conair Shiny Styles 4-Tool Hair Styler is guaranteed to get things started. The modern update of the classic hair crimper comes with four style plates to create a fun new hair-do. Or go crazy and mix and match for a one of a kind patch work design. The deep wave, micro crimp, star, and straight options means the possibilities are limitless.


Celebrity Hairstyles

Celebrity Hairstyles
New hairstyles are usually easy to find. They will usually pop up during award shows, specials seasons like spring when the new teen hairstyles come out for Prom or wedding times are frequent. You can usually find new hairstyles for men while at the gym, or new hairstyles for women while your out shopping, or at weddings and other special occasions. New hairstyles may also be seen on celebrities in everything from movies to the many award shows they attend.


Haircut Styles: Some Haircare

that super-cute bob hairstyle that sparked a hair-fashion movement last year is no longer »in style«, hair experts say. Millions and millions of women can thank pop singer Victoria Beckham for the short, asymmetrical bob hairstyle which quickly become one of the most desired hairstyles on the planet.


Short Summer 2008 Hairstyles

Haircut Styles presents Short Summer 2008 Hairstyles.Thanks to the evolving fashion trends there are numerous of short summer hairstyles for girls to choose from. Short hairstyles are suitable for all kind of hair types so you really shouldn't care whether your hair is straight or curly, hair color also isn't so important this year.


Model Treatment With Redken

The Model Treatment With Redken
The quick three-step program targets each individuals hair care needs whether you’re suffering from chemically distressed hair due to excessive color, perming and straightening as well as mechanically distressed hair generated from normal wear and tear, including blow-drying, thermal irons, everyday brushing, and sun.
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