Modern femininity hair style

Modern femininity
The modern femininity that's ruling the runways for spring and summer calls for a return to soft, bouncy, natural-looking waves. This means that stick-straight hair is not only passé, it's been replaced by voluminous, shiny, healthy-looking coifs with plenty of movement and texture. And you can up the "sexy" quotient even further by incorporating side-swept bangs.


Young lady has top hair

young lady has her top hair
The same young lady has her top hair smoothed out, cut exactly the right length, leaving the top layer a bit longer so that the frill turns slightly under. Notice that it is not completely flattened out against the forehead. The rest of the hair is waved as seen.Ruth's wavy hair, parted in the center, is cut precisely the right length and combed into a straight bang.


Hair with Punk

Hair with Punk
I have all been dying our hair with Punky for a couple of years now. We love it and wont use anything else. I recomend this product to anyone with the common sense of using rubber gloves durring and a heck-of-a-lot of tilex on your bathroom afterwords.


Hairstyles With proms

Hairstyles With proms
Spring is in the air, and as the weather gets hotter, so do the hairstyles. With proms, weddings, and graduations right around the corner, there are nearly as many occasions for glamorous hair as there are styles. Online style guides offer advice and instructions on hairdos galore, from the latest trends -- like long, tousled curls; casually messy updos and sculpted fauxhawks


Lopez Hairstyle - Backcombed Waves

Lopez Hairstyle - Backcombed WavesBack combed beachy waves gave Jennifer Lopez the required casual look in Annual Puerto Rican Day Parade
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