Hairstyles celebrities of 2009

Some of the hottest hairstyles of 2009 are often referred to as Sedu. This is in reference to one of the most popular flatiron companies on the market today. Sedu is the name of their ceramic flatiron and all the celebrities use it to create their sleek and smooth hairstyles. The straighter the better for the hot trends of 2009 and there are a number of celebrities who have taken this and adapted their hairstyles to blend naturally and fabulously with this years new trends.
Jennifer Aniston is one actress who has always loved the straight look and manages to pull it off with grace and elegance no matter what she is wearing or where she is. Whether she is sporting a short bob or the long tresses which have been known to create her unique elegance, she has always possessed the style which is so much in fashion today. Jennifer Lopez is yet another actress who has passed through many different hairstyle trends but always stuck to the Sedu look and made it look tremendous.


Formal Hairstyles for Job

Formal HairstylesModel Lydia Hearst wears a hairstyle that mixes the beehive with the updo.
Formal Hairstyles


The Style Hair Me Makeover

Style Hair,stylist company Celeb fave Paul Edmonds has teamed up with top London stylist company, Stylizers, to put together the Style-Me-Over makeover package designed to transform your hair, make-up and wardrobe.
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