Long Flat Ironing Hairstyle

Meneses show up the flat hair ironing that look super shiny as it closes each hair strand, She care her hair carefully so she has has lots of sheen due to abundant moisture

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With the party season hot on our heels, what better way to give you or someone you know a Merry Christmas than with a head-to-toe makeover package from one of London's leading hair salons? Celeb fave Paul Edmonds has teamed up


Tourmaline Ceramic Straightener

Dry, detangle and straighten your hair, all in one step with the 2" Wet/Dry Tourmaline Ceramic straightener from Conair. Tourmaline Ceramic Technology not only eliminates frizzies and hot spots, it's adds fabulous shine. Choose wet settings to maintain hair's own moisture and silkiness, and when hair is dry, use dry settings to complete the straightening process while protecting hair from damage. The new straightening comb feature detangles and tames even the most unruly tangles and frizz.


blend of the classic hair

The evening is laced up with fantastic music and great food to be enjoyed with your friends. No guesses that you would like to look the best in the whole gathering. You cannot afford to relax because every one at the prom night is going to give you a stiff competition. You have to have the perfect dress, shoes, make-up and not to leave out -- the perfect hairstyle.


Gloss Mist Shine Spray

Give your hair a glossy sheen while smoothing the hair cuticle and preventing static. Beyond shine, this advanced formula tames frizz and protects hair exposed to excessive heat styling.
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